Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Upcoming Series: Lets Rip My Story Apart

A few years ago, I finished writing my second-ever novel, and the first-ever one I was proud of. It's a confusing book about characters doing seemingly-entertaining things in a seemingly-entertaining universe. Upon re-reading it recently, I realized several things, the first of which was that the story itself was quite bad. The second was that it badly needs to be re-tooled, re-written or scrapped completely.

Here's where things get fun for you, gentle reader; I'm going to be taking Steven King's advice from On Writing. I'm going to murder my darlings, (meaning my story), and I'm going to do it in public, neighbors be damned! This Friday I'll be posting the first bit, and hopefully I can stick with it this time. It'll be a learning experience for everyone! 

To avoid accidentally getting the book stolen and published (as if) from this blog, I'm going to be editing select "problematic" segments, completely out of order. That way the thief will actually have to put some effort into their theft.


  1. Sounds like a good exercise! I worry about people stealing my work, too. I think I'll only ever post half of things online, so if folks want to lift it, they have to write their own ending.

  2. I think it sound good too. I think it will be fun.