Monday, August 9, 2010

Suggest the Best!

Now is the time, gentle readers, to make suggestions for blog topics!

My list is running dangerously short, so now is your chance to make your voice heard. If not your voice, then your words, written in the comments section below. Give me your top 3, 5, 10 or even 20 topics! Heck, make it 100!

I'm having a rather serious case of writer's blog, ur, block. In fact, maybe that will be one of the topics! Who knows!

Make sure to comment quickly, because I have nothing written for Wednesday and Friday!

Yours Faithfully,

The Sign Painter


  1. Mary-Sues and Gary-Stues (self-inserts)

    On Killing off Your Main Characters

    Ripping off Other People's Work Or Just Taking Inspiration: The Fine Line

    Non-humans I have known (like Redwall and Watership Down) and how they were effective characters


    Unlikely genres and how they can be fun

    Making up what you don't know: when it is appropriate

    Politics in other worlds with other governments: fun or boooooring

    Writing the supernatural

    Sense of wonder (the Left Behind books do not have this)

    Time travel and how to write it

    Food in stories (Redwall, looking at you)

  2. Oh my gosh Kessie, you're my second-favorite savior. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who can start with a blog title and fill in everything from there!

  3. And some more! (Glad you liked the first list! Blogger ate my second list so I'm reposting it.)

    Ways to End the World

    Ways to Rebuild the World

    Invisible Writing

    Zombies (fast or slow?)




    Fantasy set in Medieval Times

    Fantasy Set in Modern Times

    Fantasy Set in the Future


    Brainstorming techniques

    Why bother with dragons

    The importance of the mundane

    What magic looks like




    Including pop culture references (dating yourself)

  4. After reading Kessie's list I would love a pointer on writing invisible. I would love to be able to write without being seen.

  5. Writing the best Snape X Dumbledore fanfic eva.

    No, seriously:

    Religion and (or vs.) Fantasy - Why it's such a big deal.

    Inspiration from/adaptation of other genres, especially the visual.

    Editing - Or how to keep from becoming a pretentious, wordy ass.

  6. Also: Nice World of Good reference :]

    Moar hot, hot topics, texas-style with sauce:

    Handling Criticism

    Literary Masochism. (e.g. reading bad books/fiction for pleasure and as a lesson as to not what to do)