Monday, July 5, 2010

Too, To

The thing that confuses many people is the different uses of too and to. Which should you use? Are they interchangeable? Here are a few examples, starting with a sentence that uses both words.

In addition to the two of us, our sister stayed too.

To” is a very versatile word. A dictionary search returns more definition than most people care to know (go ahead, google the definition. I'll wait). So know this: To is actually easier to understand when compared with Too. Don't panic.

Too” means “in addition to.” This means that any place you could use the word “too,” you could instead use “as well.” For example:

Can I get ice cream, too?” = “Can I get ice cream as well?”

Though in some cases it would be strange to hear someone saying “as well.” For instance, “me too” is a common phrase, but you don't hear people saying “me as well!”

Remember: Too and to are not different versions of the same word (like color and colour), they are totally different words, thus, they aren't interchangeable.

Before you check your understanding, here are a few more examples of proper usage. Pay close attention to the context of the words.

Lets go to see Toy Story 3!” (Expressing motion in the direction of a location)

I want to go, too!” (The person wants to go in addition to someone else.)

I want to go too, but I have to work till two AM.” (Both uses)

I took my two sons to see Toy Story 2 twice. My husband came too, but he was too tired to see it the second time.” (Many uses of the words, pay attention to “too tired.”)

Check your understanding! Copy and paste the test into your favorite word processor and see if you can get them all correct. I'm not in a very challenging mood, so you'll probably get them all. I'll post the answers in Wednesday's post.

Lets go too the carnival!

Can you go too the store two get me to boxes of Kleenex?

I'm addressing this letter to my too friends in connecticut.

To days after my birthday, I went to Paris.

Tooday was my day two visit my too wives.

As promised, here are the answers to yesterday's test.

There they are.

There they were.

There were nice people there.

I see what you did there.

They're very nice people.

The neighbors were nice, but their food was so strange that it couldn't have been from their country.

They're very nice people.

There was nothing to it.

They're there, and their dinner is theirs.


  1. I always remindeded myself which to use by thinking of "too" as "also". Would this sentence make sense with "also" in it? Then too it is! :)

  2. Hey I love your blog and I will use it. I would take your tests but today my brain is in dead mode. I was just wondering about to and too as well.